Update: What makes Masks Effective Article

Here is an update on an article we wrote 2 weeks ago called “What Makes Masks Effective”. We emailed the following questions to the Virginia Department of Health about the effectiveness of masks and have received no response.

  • If the pore size of a cotton mask is 80 to 500 microns and the covid-19 virus measures .1 microns, how does a cotton mask offer protection ?
  • Are there other factors that we are missing ?
  • Are there certain types of cotton masks that are more effective that others ?

We want to learn why the medical “experts” say that universal masking is necessary. A position from an “expert” without an explanation is an “appeal to authority” logical fallacy. The easiest way to refute an appeal to authority logical fallacy is to provide an explanation as to how something works.

On August 17, The Federalist website published an article that interviewed NIH Director Francis Collins. To summarize, the NIH Director admitted the masking recommendations are based on anecdotes instead of scientific data. The article is located here https://thefederalist.com/2021/08/17/nih-director-francis-collins-admits-masking-rules-for-kids-are-based-on-rare-anecdotes-not-data/

We hope the Virginia Department of Health will respond to our questions. Not responding makes us suspicious of the motives of universal masking.

Here is our original article that contains the links to the 2 NIH website articles: https://spotsywire.com/2021/08/09/what-makes-masks-effective/

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