Critical Race Theory in Schools

When you hear school board members or school administrators say Critical Race Theory is not taught, promoted, or implemented in schools, its simply a wrong statement. Christopher Rufo, an independent journalist, has actual documentation from the Virginia Department of Education (VDOE) showing that Critical Race Theory is being promoted in schools. Implementation of CRT is done thru equity measures.

On his website, Rufo posted 2 VDOE powerpoint presentations and a letter sent to all virginia superintendents about the implementation of Critical Race Theory. See the article below for these documents.

In the letter to superintendents, the VDOE promotes CRT books to teachers such as “Foundations of Critical Race Theory” by Edward Taylor, and “White Fragility” from Robin DiAngelo. These are divisive books. In the powerpoint presentation entitled “Legal Implications of School Discipline”, slide 21 says “Incorporate Critical Race Theory Lens” and on slide 26 it says to “Embrace Critical Race Theory”.

Critical Race Theory is being implemented throughout the schools by implementing equity measures. Here are more articles on this topic that came out in the last few days.

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