The Case for Removing Explicit Books from Schools

Sexually explicit materials do not belong in the schools. This is not an issue of censorship. This is an issue of schools removing material that provides no educational value. What are the community standards to identify material that is harmful to children ? Lets take a look at the state law and school board policy to make this case.

  • In 18.2-391 of the Virginia state code, it is unlawful for minors to have explicit books. We have provided a screen capture of the actual law below.
  • School board policy IIBEA defines acceptable technology use in the school division. In the policy, the school division cites 18.2-390 as the basis for preventing “material that the school division deems to be harmful to juveniles”. The reason we mention this is because there already is a standard that applies to all material, not just technology use.

Granted, anyone on their own time can access these material outside of the schools. However, its up to parents to control this access for their children, not schools.

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