Twisting, Deflecting, Avoiding the Explicit Books Issue

During public comment at the November 8th Spotsylvania County School board, Christina and Robert Burris expressed their concerns about sexually explicit books at Riverbend High School. They discussed books called “Call me by your name” and “33 Snowflakes” and provided quotes of the sexually explicit material.

The reaction from failed Spotsylvania County school board candidates Rich Lieberman and Kassie Palmer along with some student activists and the media has been nothing short of disingenuous. They have twisted the issue into a censorship or book burning issue. Lieberman has organized a “Dont Burn Books” Rally at the Nov 15 school board meeting. The media has focused on the words “burning books”. (The media is afterall a business that profits from sensationalism rather than facts) All of this avoids the central issue of explicit material in the school library.

We find it ironic that Lieberman is actually defending the explicit material by twisting the issue. During his failed campaign for school board, the Spotsy Wire covered how Lieberman posted numerous explicit, misogynistic, and inappropriate posts on social media over the past decade. Apparently Lieberman is ok with explicit material in public schools which is why he is working so hard to twist the issue. Links to the Lieberman scandal can be found at the following link-

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