9pm Update Spotsy School board meeting

Spotsy School Board Meeting: Apparently, a coordinated block of almost 70 people (mostly school employees) signed up to speak first during public comment with the same talking points. In addition, we are getting reports that on top of the block of 70, there is a signup sheet with 6 pages more of speakers. Shelley stated that public comment will be cut off at midnight. Board member comments are also not on the agenda.

It appears this was purposely setup to create a narrative that focused on three issues – Attacking Twigg and Abuismail, a generalized argument against censorship, and praising Baker and the librarians. None of the speakers have addressed the central issue of explicit content. The block of 70 in tandem with Shelley’s midnight deadline prevented those in the public from speaking against explicit content because it goes against this narrative.

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