The End of Shake & Bake

There has been much speculation about former Spotsylvania County Schools Superintendent Scott Baker’s termination, potential lawsuits by Baker, and whether there was a valid reason for termination. We believe there are plenty of valid reasons including the ones we wrote about in earlier articles.

In addition, Baker is fully accountable for any issues that occurred on his watch. The reason is that school board policy BG-R gave Baker full authority to run the day-to-day operations of the school division without interference. The policy prevents individual school board members from interacting with staff or directly resolving parent issues. This is literally written in the policy. This BG-R policy was passed in 2019 and pushed by Shelley, Grampp, and Braswell.

Since Virginia is an at-will employment state, an employee can be fired with or without cause anytime. A reason does not have to be given. It is bizarre that media outlets like the Free Lance Star highlight the phrase “without cause” as if that carries any substantive meaning in an “at will” state.

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