Virginia Law on School Superintendents

According to Virginia law 22.1-60, school divisions have 180 days to appoint a Superintendent upon a vacancy. An additional 180 days can be requested.

We learned that the left block of Shelley, Daniels, and Cole requested an emergency meeting to appoint a Superintendent because of an alleged violation of the law. This is nothing more than spin and hysteria. 22.1-60 clearly shows no law was broken. Below is a screenshot of the law.

What is even more remarkable is that the Free Lance Star reported that the school board will have an emergency meeting before the school division formally announced it on their website or on social media. Matter of fact, nothing is posted on the school division website or social media as of 1050pm on 1/12/2022. Is Adele Uphaus of the Free Lance Star an active participant in the very news story she is covering?

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