January 18 Public Comments, Part 2

At the January 18 school board meeting, there was a group of educators in the audience that wore red shirts. The behavior of some of these educators was appalling. The school board camera did not capture this behavior because the camera faced the dais. The microphone did not pick up most of the audience chatter. Isaiah was in the audience and saw these events.

  • The following were spotted in the audience – Wilderness Elementary principal Holmes, Ni River principal Bartoszek, Lee’s Hill Elementary principal Lewter, Freedom Middle principal Wright, Riverbend teacher and former SEA president Bergeron.
  • Some “educators” heckled a student that spoke during public comment. Most of this was not captured on the school board stream.
  • The lady that spoke about finding a middle ground on books at past school board meetings told an “educator” that heckling children was not appropriate. This was not captured on the audio of the school board stream.
  • Chair Twigg directed a member of the audience to leave after he yelled profanity and obscenities directed at School Board Member Gillespie. During past school board meetings, deputies would have aggressively approached the individual. However, the deputies did not do that in this situation which seems unusual. This was not captured on camera.
  • Former school board candidate Rich Lieberman took pictures or video of the audience many times. Lieberman may have caught Isaiah on video.
  • A mother confronted Lieberman about taking pictures of her daughter. A deputy stepped in between to separate them. Part of this was caught on the school board camera.
  • Former Spotsylvania Educational Association (SEA) President and Riverbend teacher Jeanne Bergeron yelled at this grandmother and made a series of rude comments. None of this was captured on the school board stream.
  • An individual in the audience yelled “nitwit” towards the dais.
  • Lieberman was making hand gestures or sign language towards Cole or Shelley on the dais. What was that about? None of this was captured by the school board stream.

This misbehavior from “educators” is concerning. Are these really the people that are educating our children? If this is how they behave in public, how do they behave in front of our children when parents are not around? Why do these “educators” still have jobs?

SEA and the “educators” perform this bullying behavior in public setting. Yet they scoff at parents whenever an issue occurs because they are the “experts”. Basically, SEA and Lieberman wants compliance and silence.

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