January 18 Public Comments, Part 3

At the January 18 school board meeting, an adult confronted former school board candidate Rich Lieberman about allegedly taking pictures of a minor. The school board video feed captured part of this confrontation.

Mr. Lieberman has made misogynistic, sexist, and degrading statements towards women on social media in the past. This is cause for concern, so we looked into this further. We found moments during public comment at the school board meeting where Lieberman appears to glance or stare at the backside of the female speakers. In the video clip below, we show these moments. All the video clips come from public comments during a school board public meeting. The video is public information available publicly on the school board website.

For those not familiar with Mr. Lieberman’s past behavior, we include links to past Spotsy Wire articles. Lieberman has admitted to posting misogynistic statements on social media including in a Free-Lance star article. We find it interesting that the Spotsylvania Educational Association (SEA) formed an alliance with Lieberman for the rally at the January 18 school board meeting. Why would SEA want to form an alliance with an individual that holds these degrading views?







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