Subpoena Shelley

At 9:10pm, both Shelley and Cole said that “I do not want another lawsuit…..”. That triggered an idea. Shelley should get a subpoena and be compelled to testify regarding her role during part 2 of the closed session on January 10. “Ms Shelley, did you enter part 2 of the closed session?”

Is Shelley going to commit perjury on the stand or is she finally going to answer truthfully by stating she actually attended the closed meeting.

Who else should get a subpoena to testify in court? Should the administrative staff such as Dr Martin or Ms Boller get a subpoena too? Martin is the FOIA officer tasked with FOIA compliance of the entire school board.. What about compelling Cole and Daniels to testify? We would like to see them both on the stand.

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