Regular Meeting on July 11

There is a regular meeting of the Spotsylvania County school board on July 11. Screenshots of the agenda are below. Here are some topics of interest on the agenda.

  • contract approval on a chancellor high school softball field lighting project
  • contract approval on a ground’s maintenance contract
  • budget amendment to reduce the Capital Improvement Plan projects list
  • bond issuance resolution
  • first reading of the student code of conduct.

We look forward to the always entertaining public comments section. We hope the following questions will be answered at the upcoming regular meeting.

  • How many times will Nasty Nicole interrupt Phelps while she is speaking?
  • How many times will Shameful Shelley do something shameful?
  • How many times will Lying Lorita ask “what are we voting on” after the motion was clearly stated?
  • Will Dante bring his inferno to the meeting?

We can turn the first three questions into a drinking game. If you have watched the school board meetings or followed the Wire over the past year, you will understand the references.

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