More VSBA leftist partisan positions

The Virginia School Board Association (VSBA) advocates for leftist partisan positions despite claiming that the organization is nonpartisan. Here are two more pieces of evidence showing they are partisan.

The first screenshot is from the VSBA Legislative Positions document from January 2021. The items highlighted in yellow in the screenshot are also bulletized below. The positions against school choice and school vouchers are partisan positions from the left. Conservatives favor school choice because it increases competition which forces educational institutions to innovate or improve their educational product. If an educational institution offers a bad product, then they go out of existence.

  • “VSBA opposes federal or state efforts to mandate school choice…”
  • “With vouchers and tuition tax credits, private and home schools would have an advantage in competition with public schools because they can be selective in admissions and can refuse to provide services which public schools by law must provide”
  • “The VSBA opposes any federal or state voucher and tuition tax credit legislation and any legislation that would provide vouchers or tuition tax credits for elementary and secondary private and home-schooled school students”

The second screenshot is from the 2022 VSBA Legislative Priorities document. Again, the positions against changing charter school law and school choice are partisan leftist positions. The items highlighted in yellow in the screenshot are bulletized below.

  • “VSBA supports the existing charter school law, which allows local school boards to establish such schools/programs and opposes any attempt to remove local school board authority from this process”
  • “The VSBA opposes federal or state efforts to mandate school choice, including efforts to divert or condition funding from existing federal and state programs”

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