The Left’s Fake Outrage on Taylor

Across the country, the main tactic of the far-left is to place labels on people that disagree with their far-left positions. The far-left labels people racist, xenophobic, bigoted, or transphobic when they make their arguments. Leftists eventually become irrational by weaponizing these labels on people as a form of intimidation.

This is why we find it amusing to watch the fake outrage from the left on Spotsylvania County Schools conservative Superintendent-to-be Mark Taylor’s alleged social media posts. The left makes exaggerated claims that Taylor is bigoted or racist. However, the left’s claim is not true especially when you weigh the posts against the actual words of Nicole Cole and Rich Lieberman in their social media posts.

Spotsylvania County school board member Nicole Cole and former school board candidate Rich Lieberman have made actual statements that were bigoted, racist, and misogynistic on social media. They wrote their words in public forum for all to see. By contrast, most of Taylor’s alleged posts are reshares from other sources so they were not his actual words.

When Taylor did comment on an alleged meme or alleged shared post, he clearly used satire to drive his point across. If you did nothing wrong, there is no reason to hide, apologize, or delete your posts. Taylor has kept his Facebook page public. By contrast, Nicole Cole deleted her racist post on Facebook. Lieberman went on an apology tour in an August 24, 2021 free-lance star puff piece only because his misogynistic social media posts finally came to light.

To prevent a double standard, lets weigh all these social media posts against each other. The links below show the actual social media posts from Lieberman and Cole. We have also included some quotes from Cole and Liberman’s social media posts. Where was the outrage against Lieberman and Cole from the left or the Free Lance Star? Why the fake outrage against Taylor? Why is the far-left so afraid of Mark Taylor?

Rich Lieberman’s Posts –

Nicole Cole’s Post –

  • Cole stated the Uvalde situation was about “children of color at the hands of white nationalists”.
  • Cole stated “people of color even with all of these……have yet to fight back with this same violence against white people”.
  • Lieberman stated – “I am always taking applications for side chic”
  • Lieberman stated – “all women should be buck neeked, barefoot in the kitchen….”

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