The Conservative Mandate in Spotsylvania

There is a small vocal group on the left railing against proposed Spotsylvania County Schools Superintendent Mark Taylor from receiving state approval for a superintendent license. This small group on the left is undermining the will of the Spotsylvania County voters.

The Spotsy Wire believes that citizens of Spotsylvania County have spoken at the ballot box. The voters trust the elected officials to bring common sense conservative values to the school board just like they did for state elections. Bold courageous steps need to occur in order to eliminate agendas that we believe have destroyed public schools.

Let’s look at the facts. Below are screenshots of the election results of the conservative majority on the Virginia Department of Elections website. The conservatives won by strong margins while the left members of the school board won by small margins. Given these results, we conclude that the conservative majority has a clear mandate to hire a more conservative Superintendent.

  • Conservative Rabih Abuismail won by 8 points over the incumbent in 2019
  • Conservative Kirk Twigg won by 15 points over his challenger in 2019
  • Conservative April Gillespie destroyed the incumbent by almost 30 points in 2021
  • Conservative Lisa Phelps won by almost 9 points over her challenger in 2021

Spotsylvania County is a conservative county. The school board members on the left won by very small margins. Here are the statistics from the Virginia Department of Elections website.

  • Lorita Daniels won her seat with only 43% of the vote against 2 other candidates in 2019
  • Dawn Shelley won her seat by just 419 votes in 2019
  • Nicole Cole won her seat by just 242 votes in 2021

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