The Marshall Plan

The Kalahari Resort in Spotsylvania County is located near Thornburg. The Board of Supervisors approved tax breaks and financial support for the resort. A new commercial development generally causes an increase in nearby property values. Some feel the county gave away too much to Kalahari so we got curious. Who will financially benefit? Whose property values will increase?

Spotsylvania County’s payment platform, Invoice Cloud, allows one to look up any property owner that pays real estate taxes in the county. This publicly available database is public information available to the public at no cost. We found an individual named “Emmitt B Marshall” and “Kevin Marshall” that own property just a few miles away from the planned resort in Thornburg.

What a coincidence! There is an “Emmitt B Marshall” that used to be on the Spotsylvania County Board of Supervisors. There is a “Kevin Marshall” that just happens to be on the current Board of Supervisors and also works for the Econonmic Development department here in Spotsylvania County. This is an amazing coincidence!!

Below are screenshots of the properties owned by these individuals from Invoice Cloud. We encourage our readers to verify this for themselves by going to the Invoice Cloud platform where one pays their real estate taxes online. We also encourage our readers to visit google maps to see for themselves the distances between Thornburg and the properties listed below.

  • 6409 Marye Road
  • 6411 Marye Road
  • 6415 Marye Road
  • 6409 Patriot Highway
  • 5001 Stanfield Road
  • 5019 Stanfield Road
  • 5101 Stanfield Road
  • 5319 Stanfield Road
  • 7305 Ivy Lane
  • 7309 Ivy Lane
  • 4901 Blaydes Corner Road

Per the screenshots below, the property at 6411 Marye Rd is 160 acres and the property at 4901 Blaydes Corner Road is over 96 acres. The property at 6409 Patriot Highway is in a prime real estate location at the intersection of Route 1, Mud Tavern Road and Morris Road. If these properties get rezoned and sold to a developer, we suspect the owners will make a nice profit. This took about 10 minutes to research. We are surprised no one has brought this issue up. What a weird coincidence that the names of a past and present Supervisor happens to match the name of the property owners. Weird, right??

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