Snacks for Everyone

The Spotsy Wire has seen the light. We encourage everyone in the community to donate snacks to any school in Spotsylvania County. When you go to the grocery store this week, please consider picking up a few extra bags or extra boxes of snacks that you can donate to your nearest school. All you have to do is drop off snacks at the front office of any nearby Spotsylvania County school.

The holidays are coming up, so this is an urgent need. Many schools in the county are requesting snacks so let’s help them out. We are aware that students need plenty of snacks just to make it thru the day. We heard that Courtland High School wants parents to bring extra boxes of snacks to the front office. We support this initiative because no child should be left behind.

Please drop off boxes of snacks in the office of your nearby school before this Friday. The school that receives the most snacks might just be featured on the Spotsylvania County Public Schools Twitter and Facebook pages. This would be great for the students and the community. School principals are asking teachers to do their bidding by calling on the school board to use taxpayer dollars for snacks. However, we as a community can get these snacks to the kids faster.

The Spotsy Wire will tackle both of these manufactured political problems by supporting parents and the community for this urgent need.

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