Gourmeltz and the Need for Small Government

Here are the lessons that we learned today from the raid on Gourmeltz.

  • The case for smaller government is clearly evident
  • The Virginia ABC authority needs to be reduced and defunded since their mission scope has expanded to a small business that did not break the law
  • The judge that ruled against Gourmeltz a few months ago is an idiot that lacked the common sense to completely dismiss the state case against Gourmeltz
  • The bureaucracy of bigger government is the biggest threat to democracy because bureaucracy is not capable of resolving an issue using common sense
  • Matt Strickland and Gourmeltz do not pose any harm to anyone nor did they break a law

The Virginia ABC states that the agency is responsible for “investigating license applicants and conducting underage sale compliance checks……….They also investigate and prosecute criminal activities ranging from drugs, gangs and gambling to money laundering and tax evasion.”

Why does the Virginia ABC need to attack a small business owner that committed no illegal activity? Why is this state agency not hyper-focused on underage compliance checks or criminal activities by gangs or money laundering? The Virginia ABC and state of Virginia are not serving the best interests of the public with this heavy-handed action against Gourmeltz. The state is making a very good case why government needs to be smaller. Where is Youngkin and Miyares on this issue?

The best way to fight against this tyranny is to support Gourmeltz and Matt Strickland. If you are in the Massaponax area, please stop by and support this small business owner – https://www.gourmeltz.com/

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