Failed School Board Candidate Breaches Security

A disgruntled former Spotsylvania County School board candidate held a political interview with school board members Nicole Cole and Lorita Daniels at the school board meeting room on December 12th. They spent time bashing the conservatives on the school board along with a discussion on the fabricated snack crisis in the schools. Since the school administrative building is closed, how did Lieberman (aka Uncle Rich) access the school board meeting room after hours to conduct his political interview?

Individuals in the school administrative building after hours without proper authorization raises security concerns. Anyone that enters the administrative building must sign-in at the front desk. However, the building was closed. At the beginning of Uncle Rich’s video, you can see that the lights were turned off at the front entrance of the school board meeting room. We believe that Uncle Rich had unauthorized assistance to enter sensitive areas of the building.

There are personnel records, student confidential records, personally identifiable information, and other sensitive records in the building. Is this not a breach of school security to enter sensitive areas of the building without following proper security protocols? It appears that Uncle Rich will go to any lengths to antagonize.

  • Should the lead school security officer have been notified?
  • Who allowed Uncle Rich access to the building and bypass security protocols?
  • How many others were in attendance that were not visible on Uncle Rich’s camera?
  • Did Uncle Rich roam thru the building unescorted?
  • Why was a political interview that made political statements conducted in a taxpayer funded school admin building?

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