Kids Not Politics

Local politicians including a school board member, Board of Supervisors member, and a state senate candidate used special needs children as political props under the disguise of “spreading holiday cheer”. Who are they kidding? Politicians purposely create appearance events as photo opportunities to support their political campaigns. Shame on Deborah Frazier, Nicole Cole, and Ben Leachfield for using kids as political props !

Sources have claimed that this event was not approved by the school administration. There are at least two violations of school board policies. We strongly believe that the school staff that facilitated this event, including Principal Deborah Frazier and the Massaponax High School principal, should be terminated with cause.

  • Policy KK states “Periodically, board members may visit schools within the division. The purpose of these visits is to assist in fulfilling their responsibilities and increase understanding of actual educational practices.” Nicole Cole’s purpose was clearly a photo-op to support the campaigns of Litchfield and Frazier. None of them were increasing their understanding of education.
  • Policy BG-R states “School Board members should refrain from using the Board position for personal or partisan gain and avoid any conflict of interest or the appearance of impropriety.” Frazier and Litchfield are up for election. Cole is supporting them with her appearance. This event is a massive conflict of interest.

Don’t believe the antics from these politicians. This is a shame. Parents with special needs kids have many worries and concerns. They probably do not want their children used as pawns in a political campaign.

  • Did parents sign a permission slip for their child to appear in a senate candidate’s campaign page?
  • Did the school notify parents that politicians wanted a photo-op?
  • Did Deborah Frazier have permission to abdicate her school principal duties at Chancellor to be at Massaponax?

A former failed school board candidate once said, “Kids not politics”. Obviously, we can clearly see this event is political. The Spotsylvania County community should be on alert for these same people loitering around schools and the administration building. These dirty politicians are getting desperate. They are going after our vulnerable kids and using them as political pawns. The Spotsy Wire purposely blurred the faces of the students in the picture. Nasty Nicole, Supervisor Frazier, and Leeeachfield should be ashamed of themselves.

12/21 UPDATE: Leachfield removed the FB post. He proved our point. He knew what he did was wrong, got caught, and then deleted the post. If he thought it was right, then it would have stayed up. However, screenshots live forever!

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