Shelley The Tyrant

Spotsylvania County School Board Member Dawn Shelley has filed a preliminary protective order against a citizen named Roy Searles. The affidavit provides Shelley’s reasoning. However, Shelley’s allegations about harm or threats are unsupported by any documented evidence. Matter of fact, Shelley has not provided a single specific statement by Searles to support her allegations. Instead, Shelley makes a series of overgeneralized statements in an attempt to use the court system to suppress the first amendment rights of a private citizen to express themselves.

It is apparent that this entire affidavit is rooted on “feelings” instead of facts. Public officials receive emails from citizens. Citizens have the first amendment right to say whatever they want to say to public officials. Shelley disagreeing with an email does not give her the right to prevent Searles from speaking at school board meetings or bringing issues to her. Shelley has not provided one single piece of evidence in this affidavit that shows a physical “harm” or “threat” because it does not exist.

We find it hilarious that Shelley thinks that Searles runs the Spotsy Wire. We find it even more hilarious that Shelley uses Spotsy Wire articles as the basis for her allegations. Those articles actually point out Shelley’s poor behavior. It is apparent that Shelley wants to attack the first amendment right of freedom of the press too.

  • When Shelley decides to scream or bully school board members or private citizens, are we not allowed to cover that?
  • When Shelley makes a fool of herself during school board meetings, are we not allowed to point that out?
  • When Shelley as a public official decides to behave poorly, can we not ask others of their reaction to her behavior?
  • When Shelley behaves badly, are we not allowed to offer an opinion or mock her behavior?

Shelley attracts a lot of attention from her poor behavior in the community. Using the court system to suppress the rights provided by the first amendment is why Shelley is a tyrant.

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