School Security Breach

FOIA requests were made to obtain the video footage of the security breach at the Spotsylvania County School’s administrative building on December 12, 2022. It turns out that video request is exempt from FOIA. The reason is that the cameras capture video of the security breach occurring in the sensitive areas of the school administrative building.

By making the video FOIA exempt, it proves the existence of a serious security breach. The sensitive areas of the administrative building contain among other things student records, personnel records, etc.

It is apparent that Nicole Cole and Lorita Daniels have no regard for the sensitive areas of the school administrative building. It shows Cole and Daniels are willing to bypass security protocols to allow former failed school board candidate Rich Lieberman to enter sensitive areas. Given Uncle Rich’s past behavior on social media, it is cause for concern –

Nasty Nicole and Lying Lorita have a “rules for thee and not for me” attitude. We covered the security breach story in December –

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