Yak’s Double Talk

How many times will Yakabouski mention schools and taxes tonight at the Board of Supervisor’s Budget meeting? Will he continue to talk out of both sides of his mouth? Here are some of Yakabouski’s recent social media posts. Politicians do not just randomly post something unless they are trying to make themselves look good or about to blame someone else for a problem.

  • In one facebook post, Yakabouski shares a post on a large tax increase in Stafford County. Is Yakabouski in favor of a large tax increase?
  • In another facebook post, Yakabouski states that he wants “to get back to providing the best opportunities for kids”? This was in response to public speakers not wanting budget cuts at a recent public hearing. This is an example of Yakabouski’s political double talk. You cannot simultaneously keep taxes low while funding everything one could possibly imagine.
  • In yet another facebook post, Yakabouski wants another budget work session with the schools. Superintendent Mark Taylor gave a very detailed and long presentation a few weeks ago. What more is there to say? This is just another opportunity for political grandstanding by Yakabouski.

Apparently, Yakabouski says that he wants to support schools but is looking for a scapegoat on why they cant be funded.

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