Durant’s Democrat Donor

VA-27 Senate candidate Tara Durant received a campaign donation from Joel Griffin on November 17, 2022. Who is Joel Griffin? Griffin is the recently declared democrat candidate for the VA-27 Senate seat. Griffin is also a big money donor to far-left causes. Since 2021, Griffin donated just under $76000.00 towards far-left candidates. The only “republican” Griffin donated to was Tara Durant. Isn’t that a strange coincidence?

Following the money can reveal many things about a candidate. Griffin donated to the Ralph Northam campaign, the Josh Cole campaign, and the Democratic Party of Stafford. See the screenshots below. Griffin clearly has a strong belief in far-left causes and willfully donated money to Tara Durant. Isn’t that strange? Birds of a feather flock together….

Matt Strickland’s campaign mailer is absolutely right. Durant is a hypocrite. To quote the Strickland campaign’s mailer – “Hypocrite (hip-uh-krit): A fraud or phony person. Example: Tara Durant – A politician who says one thing and does another”

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