Following Tara Durant’s Money Trail

VA-27 Senate candidate Tara Durant’s money connections make us question her conservative principles. Dominion Energy donated $39,500 to Tara Durant over the past 13 months. Dominion is associated with the woke extremist group called Equality Virginia. Matter of fact, Dominion is a platinum level sponsor of one of Equality Virginia’s fundraisers. Birds of a feather flock together!

  • Is Durant and Dominion engaging in “pay to play” politics?
  • Why is Durant associated with a business that supports a woke agenda including equity, the antithesis of conservative principles?

Below is a screenshot of Durant’s campaign contributions on VPAP from Dominion Energy. There is also a screenshot on the Equality Virginia webpage with Dominion listed as a sponsor. Finally, we include a screenshot of the Strickland campaign flyer.

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