Spotsylvania County Final Candidate List

Here is the final candidate list for Spotsylvania County. The big news is that current Spotsylvania County Supervisor David Ross is running for the Courtland district school board seat against far-left extremist “Crackpot” Carol Medawar. Medawar’s association with the NEA is a serious concern for parental rights and child indoctrination. Medawar is a failed candidate from Stafford County that has recently moved to more conservative Spotsylvania County.

Other interesting matchups include the three-way race for school board in the Livingston district with incumbent Kirk Twigg going against “Marxist” Megan Jackson and Zuponeck-Carlson. In the Salem District, Chris Harris is going against extremist “Lying” Lorita Daniels. Although Daniels has a calm demeanor, she holds extremist views on equity at the expense of merit, inclusiveness at the expense of merit, and diversity at the expense of merit.

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