The House of Cards in the Spotsy GOP

Just when you thought there was unity in the Spotsy GOP, there is now drama. At the Spotsylvania County GOP meeting on Thursday June 22, State Delegate Phil Scott made a motion for the Spotsy GOP to endorse Nick Ignacio for County Clerk of the Court. Ignacio won the endorsement vote and is officially endorsed by the Spotsylvania Republican Party. On Saturday June 24, Phil Scott sent a message appearing to reverse course with his nomination. Wait, what???

There are no takebacks because you cannot re-write history. Are we the citizens expected to believe that you are not aware of the backgrounds of all local political candidates? No one is that naive. It appears that an election interference plan from some of the establishment Republicans just got side swiped.

Here is what we believe happened based on several sources. An undisclosed favor was expected after Ignacio’s nomination. Ignacio declined when the favor was finally revealed after the GOP meeting. Then the message below was sent. Looks like the plan to interfere in Spotsylvania County local elections by establishment republicans is crystal clear.

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