Curious Behavior of a Spotsy Election Official

Spotsylvania County write-in candidate Matt Strickland posted on social media that the voting machines went down at 12:54pm on Tuesday September 26 for early voting. Although this is a newsworthy item, what grabbed our attention is the curious behavior of a Spotsylvania County election official.

There is a Chelsea LeViner that works in the election office of Spotsylvania County. Ms. LeViner took it up on herself to comment on the Matt Strickland Write-in campaign page arguing over this issue. Why did she do that? We thought an election official is supposed to be unbiased by not providing any comment on any campaign page. Why does Ms. Leviner unilaterally address this issue instead of having the election office put out an official press release addressing the issue? We are curious about her motivation to want to argue with citizens.

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