The RINO Endorses Marxist Megan

Here is a response to the Chris Yakabouski (RINO) endorsement of Marxist Megan Jackson. We think a new nickname is warranted for these know-it-alls, The Condescending Cartel. These types of politicians often like to respond from the dais from a position of power and title. For example, Yak called people names at a recent Supervisors meeting. It almost feels like they are compensating for some sort of shortcoming.

Maybe if they just deflect long enough, no one will notice their mistakes. In that moment where debate occurs, The Condescending Cartel must belittle their opposition. I am right and you are wrong. Now go away. This is not conducive to fostering healthy long-term relationships amongst elected officials. Does Yakabouski have that tough conversation trying to find common ground? No, he does not. He rallies around those who adore him because it makes him feel better about himself.

The only time you see a smile on Yakabouski’s face is when the teacher union and lefty school board members compliment him while they speak on the microphone. Reports from within Republican ranks say he is quick to object to those who do not follow their party guidelines. Yet he openly rejects the committee’s recommended candidate for School Board in the Livingston district. Yakabouski is a hypocrite, right ?

If Yakabouski is willing to openly reject what a majority of a quasi ‘governing body’ recommends, what do you think he does when a large group of people hyper focused on one topic objects? Yes, Yakabouski ignores them. Example: the solar farm project. He scoffed and belittled, on microphone, a group of roughly of 100 citizens who opposed the solar farm. This is the same behavior that Marxist Megan displayed in a school board meeting video. Marxist Megan called a large contingency of fellow citizens ignorant asses who won’t shut the f*** up. Of course, Yakabouski endorses Marxist Megan. Bird of a feather flock together.

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