Endorsement Alert – Chris Harris

The Spotsy Wire endorses Chris Harris for Spotsylvania County School Board, Salem District. Mr. Harris has a unique background having been a former teacher and small business owner. This skillset shows that he understands and can work with educators, students, and parents. It also shows he understands budgets and financials. Chris Harris is universally thought of as the only reasonable school board candidate in the Salem District in Spotsylvania County.



Harris’s opponent has been public on supporting the vile concept of equity instead of equality of opportunity. Harris’s opponent also voted against preventing boys from entering girls’ bathrooms and preventing boys from being on girls’ sports teams back on August 14, 2023. We covered these issues in our previous articles.




In another note, former failed school board candidate Rich LIEberman has engaged in a smear campaign against Chris Harris. LIEberman makes an allegation that never made it to court due to lack of credible evidence that wouldn’t stand up to the scrutiny of cross examination.


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