The Far-Left’s Frivolous Crusade Against Mark Taylor

There are several frivolous lawsuits that attempt to prevent Mark Taylor from starting as the Superintendent on November 1. These lawsuits claim to be “for the kids” as radical far-left school board member Nicole Cole said during a recent ABC7 interview. However, these lawsuits are political and distract from the core problems in the school division.

Since 2016, test scores have declined in Spotsylvania County Schools. Far-left radicals such as Dawn Shelley, Lorita Daniels, and previous Superintendent Baker ran the school division into the ground with their far-left ideology. The radical far left on the school board rubber stamped Baker’s agenda to the detriment of students. We covered this in our article from September 11, 2022 –

In response to the problems that Shelley, Daniels, Superintendent Baker, and the rest of the far-left created, the citizens of Spotsylvania County voted in a conservative majority with a conservative mandate to make change. They delivered on this change by removing the previous far-left radical Superintendent, hiring an outside the box Superintendent, and giving teachers the highest raises ever in Spotsylvania County. We covered this in our August 30, 2022 article –

We also covered the test scores issue with this video clip from the March 7, 2022 school board meeting –

Yet, election deniers such as Shelley, Cole, Daniels, and other far-left extremists want to deny the will of the voters with a number of outrageous claims. These elites think they know better than parents. The conservatives on the school board (Twigg, Gillespie, Phelps, Abuismail) respect parental rights.

  • The far-left claim that Taylor is paid too much. Yet Shelley, Cole, and Daniels were demanding the Superintendent have a salary higher than Taylor’s current salary at school board meetings.
  • The far-left claim that Taylor is not qualified because he does not have a teaching background. Yet, the role of the Superintendent has nothing to do with teaching and everything to do with resource management, financial management, hiring the correct people, and removing the distractions of far-left ideology out of the school system.
  • The far-left claim we need someone with an education background. Yet, the so-called experts with PhDs or master’s degrees still cannot explain why test scores keep declining. The so-called experts cannot explain why they ran the school division into the ground.

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