Erin Grampp is Really a Liberal Democrat

Conservatives believe in the rights of the individuals, equality of opportunity, voter ID laws, etc. Although Spotsylvania School Board member Erin Grampp portrays herself as a conservative, she is really a liberal democrat in a heavily conservative district. Here are the reasons why:

  1. Grampp has the support of the Progressive Voters Guide, a group dedicated to promoting Democrat candidates. This is the same group that supports left wing candidates Baron Braswell and Nicole Cole. We covered this in an earlier article
  2. Grampp does not defend individual rights. Instead she is ok with a big government approach that does not respect parent choice or parents individual rights. We covered this in an earlier article too
  3. Grampp supports equity. Below is a screen capture of Grampp defending equity in education. Equity refers to equality of outcome. Its part of Critical Race Theory. It is fundamentally different than equality of opportunity. Equity is fundamentally a racist concept. There is nothing more racist than lumping people into groups, applying a statistical difference to all individuals in a group, and completely avoiding the decision making at the individual level.
  4. Grampp believes that voter suppression exists. Conservatives do not believe in that. Those that believe in voter supression believe that voter ID laws shouldnt exist. We covered Grampp’s attendance at a voter supression rally in late August.

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