Shameful Shelley’s $2685 in VSBA Expenses

Dawn Shelley had the Spotsylvania County school division pay $2685 to the Virginia School Board Association (VSBA) for various services and seminars she attended from 2019 to 2022. At the June 13th school board meeting, school board member Lisa Phelps read a specific list of Dawn Shelley’s expenses. The VSBA is an organization that holds leftist views with their pro-collective bargaining (in other words pro-labor union), anti-school voucher, and anti-school choice positions pushed by paid lobbyists. We covered this in earlier Spotsy Wire articles.

At the June 13th school board meeting, Shameful Shelley asserted that spending a few hundred dollars at a conservative conference was a crime and needed to be paid back. Yet, Shelley spent $2685 of taxpayer money to the VSBA. Shouldn’t Shelley have to pay back the $2685? Doesn’t Shameful Shelley see the double standard? Please watch the below video.

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